Saturday, July 31, 2010

2 Share or Not?

What is a true friend? Is it someone that you can get into mischief with? Someone that will lie for you? Won't tell your parents when you get in trouble? Someone who will introduce you to all the popular people? Or is it someone who will look out for you? Tell you when your doin something stupid? Be there for you in not just the good times, but more so in the bad ones? Someone who will tell on you if thats what it takes to make sure you return safe.

I think that in life one of the hardest things for young people to do is to find true friends. All to often we mistake people for life long friends when in actuality they may only be ment to be in your life for a season. The trouble is finding those few who will stick around forever. I've found that in life i can be far to trusting, being raised to love all, and give everyone a chance, not listening to the things people may say. Over the years I've collected a large crowd of friends, but a fear that comes with the addition of every new friend is the chance that you will get close only to part.

I can't even began to describe the pain that comes from loosing someone you thought would be in your life forever. I don't know if you've ever lost a best friend but I have, and no matter how many other friends you may have no one can ever replace the space that one took up in your heart, noone can ever replaced the countless tears you shed in their behalf. But my question to you is should you ever forgive the unforgivable only to get this person back dispite knowing that being hurt again by them is inevitable? Are your memories with them worth all the future pain their sure to bring? Is it really worth forming new relationships when its very likely you'll be hurt by them one day? Or should you just remove your heart from every relationship, just stop having love for others to save yourself from the pain. Is with holding your love really being selfish? Or is it self-defense?

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