Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love Lost

Each and every one of us are inbreed with a desire to be loved. A trait given to us by the epitome of love God himself. Even more impressive then this unique trait is a gift oh so very precious, the ability to give LOVE.

From infancy we search to fill this desire to give and receive love. Prime example; The love shared between a mother and child on the day of one’s birth, despite this being the two's first introduction they share a bond that’s almost inseparable. But what happens when love is never found? Is it possible to live without it? Is love one of those things in life that if never experience can neverbe  missed? Or better yet, once you have can you go one without it? Is love an addiction, one for which we can never withdraw from.

What do you do when you find love, true love? The kind that makes you laugh, smile, cry, scream, act insane, just as it should. A love that’s whole-souled, one where you give of yourself completely. And then you face the heartbreaking challenge of having to part with love for a time, only to find out love isn't coming back. How do you move on from an unbelievable circumstance? Knowing this love was real, is it possible to ever open your heart to a substitute? Can the healing powers of a new love mend the wounds of a heart torn in two by a previous one?

In life is it possible to give away all the love you posses? That when the heart is broken to the point of no repair love can no longer be manufactured? If love is indeed life, is one truly alive once the heart can no longer conceive love. And if not than what are you? What am I? What do we do now? How can we move on after love was lost?

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