Sunday, August 8, 2010

Culminating Confession

Sitting in my room with pen and paper

Wondering how could I have become her

A girl mute, speechless in this verbal world

In my head thoughts continuously twirled

It’s because you knocked me off of my game

And I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same

I use to be such a lovely writer

It lifted the load, made my burden lighter

Words always seemed to come easily

And for me rhyme always flowed freely

But suddenly all this came to a halt

Which was entirely all your fault

You gave me emotions I never before had

You never took away but would always add

With you everything was so different so new

And I wanted t give something back to you

But nothing was perfect enough to give

You made me finally began to live

 I searched for words to express how I felt

To describe how you made my heard melt

But none met the standard for you I set

I became so frustrated and upset

Going about it all so half hearted

I gave up before I even started

I put so much focus on words the outcome

Not thinking about where they should come from

Now not focusing on sound but meaning

No longer the words demeaning

Finally taking the words from my heart

Beginning with a whole new start

Slowly the words began to come to me

I was able to express my feelings for thee

By just focusing on the love you gave

Words no longer would this heart of mine enslave

So now my paper is no longer blank

And it is you that I must thank

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