Monday, August 2, 2010

Dessert Of Destiny

Last night I cried a sea of tears

Within them swam my fears

From my eyes flowed dreams of endless possibilities

Of wonderful futures that could never be

Floating down this river of pain

Screamed lies desperation and shame

These were my wakeup call into reality

For once I could see how things were in actuality

No longer would I dream of you and I

With maturity came the time to kiss you goodbye
As I sailed through this ocean of my past

I saw the reasons we could never last

It was because I loved you

Far more deeply than you knew

But for me this same love you didn’t share

And my heart could no longer go on alone, unpaired

Desperation gave forth to lies

Pretending I didn’t care lead to my demise

It came to the point where I was all cried out

And eventually I surcame to a drought

My bones lye with so many others in the dessert of destiny

Because like them to love got the best of me

You see my tears for you were tears of life

In hopes that one day you would call me your wife

But to me the fantasy never came true

And in the end I died from loving you

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